Opening Hours: 11:30 am- 11:30 pm

Call for bookings - 95011 13911-06

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A cuisine is not just food cooked in a certain manner and served in a particular fashion, a cuisine is a story and the art of telling a great story. Walk into Hibachi, a true gourmet’s delight at the heart of the Hotel Icon and you get both in abundant variety, the choicest meal and plenty of engaging tales.

Multiple 'Times Food Award' Winning restaurant that will make your dining experience memorable in every sense.

Authentic Teppaniyaki cuisine is served, preserving its finest tradition and sans any preservatives. What lingers after the meal is the flavour, the aromas and the stories that the master chef weaves as he deftly prepares a Teppaniyaki course customized to pamper your taste buds. Eating was never more entertaining, interactive and engaging!